Name Ōkuninushi Meaning

Gender: For Boys
Category: Japanese Mythology
Numerology Number: 9
Ruling Planet: Mars
Zodiac Sign: Aries, Scorpio

Numerology of name Ōkuninushi

Qualities and Traits: Romantic, rebelliousness, determined, easily hurt, passionate, compassionate, affectionate.

Interpretation: Humanitarian, intuitive, independent, generous and compassionate.

Generally speaking 9 is seen as the number of completeness. It marks the end of the human gestation period and the end of a series of numbers (1-10), as well as a complete circle (360 degrees = 3 + 6 + 0 = 9). Christ completed his life and died at the ninth hour. Nine categories of people are called 'blessed' in the Sermon on the Mount. Because 9 is a number of initiation it is seen as being liable to injury (since initiations commonly involve ordeals and mutilations. 9 is a complete number: if multiplied by any other number it always reproduces itself (3 x 9 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9). Completeness is symbolized by 9 as well as by 3 and 7 (but for different reasons).

Character traits: A true humanitarian, a strong desire to serve your fellow man. A fighter for social causes for the poor and unfortunate. High mental and spiritual achievement capable of inspired action and of inspiring others. Many interest and sympathies. Generous and compassionate and may be imposed on. Passionate and romantic. High minded and idealistic, and able to fall in and out of love with ease and frequency. A lover of beauty in all things. May have a difficult early life, but will succeed through determination and resourcefulness. Impressionable, intuitive and quite independent.

Negative tendencies: Egotistical and conceited in dealing with individuals. Easily hurt, and not much emotional stability, may be quick-tempered.

Ruling Planet of name Ōkuninushi

Qualities and Traits: Initiative, action, conquest.

Mars is the first planet in the Solar system to orbit the Sun outside of The Earth. It takes 687 days for Mars to orbit the Sun. It's orange/red glow follows traditional color associations of courage, danger and daring. The symbol for Mars represents the Male and Mars is known mostly as the planet that is the bringer of war and conflict among the people of the Earth.

Positive tendencies: Courage, energy, out-going, self-expresive, directed, self-assertive, pioneering, explorative, driven

Negative tendencies: Quick temper, impatient, selfish, agressive, angry, impulsive.

Aries Zodiac Meaning of name Ōkuninushi

Courage, impetuosity, energy

Qualities and Traits: Outgoing, and me-first, the sign of Aries lends itself to enthusiasm, selfishness and competition.

Enthusiastic leaders, the Arian may also be impulsive and impatient as they go about completing their goals. They do not lack courage, but this means that at times they may be blunt and tactless (they need to learn to consider others more). They may be selfish, and they are usually quite child-like, open and honest in their communication with others. Usually very good at starting and finishing a project, but they may overlook (or find little value) in details which may be important.

Positive tendencies: Powerful, strong, courageous, energetic.

Negative tendencies: Selfishness, over-demanding and assertive. Overlook depth of things.

Scorpio Zodiac Meaning of name Ōkuninushi

Profound, insistent, rough

Qualities and Traits: Determined, forceful, emotional, powerful and passionate.

Scorpions usually have magnetic personalities, and are very difficult to ignore. They are intensely emotional, and often times they suppress their true feelings, but eventually they will explode in anger. They have a strong sense of purpose and principles which they work to uphold and they can be quite jealous and possessive even in casual relationships, yet their aura of mystery also makes them attractive to others.

Positive tendencies: Determined, forceful, emotional, exciting and magnetic.

Negative tendencies: Jealous and resentful, compulsive/obsessive, secretive and obstinate.

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