Name Macdara Meaning

Gender: For Boys
Category: Old Irish, Irish
Numerology Number: 5
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Zodiac Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Numerology of name Macdara

Qualities and Traits: New directions, excitement, change, adventure,

Interpretation: Exciting, changeable and always seeking new things.

Male sexuality - attracted by everything, but held by nothing which equals impatience, impulsiveness, ready to seize opportunity, a lover of change and excitement - bold and aggressive. Hates to be tied down. The five elements / five senses (Earth/Touch, Taste/Water, Sound/Air, Smell/Fire, Sight/Light). Spirit resurrected from or exalted from the body. Man as the microcosm (miniature image) of the universe.

Character traits: Versatile and resourceful, clever and amusing. Good company, good with words, optimistic. Lively, inquiring and outgoing. Someone who makes friends and money easily. Lives for excitement and sensation. Loves adventure and travel, change and anything new. Hates to be tied down, impatient with rules, laws and conventions.

Negative tendencies: Attracted by everything, an opportunist and sensualist. Erratic, irritable, untidy, not punctual. Jack of all trades, master of none - good at many things, but not real good at anything. Boastful, sarcastic, rebellious.

Ruling Planet of name Macdara

Qualities and Traits: Intellect, mediation, judgement, critical ability, analysis. Reason, perception, logic, messenger.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system and also the closest one to the Sun. Because it is so close to the Sun itself, the Sun and Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees apart in angular separation (aspects). Because it is so close to the Sun, the properties of this planet is closely related to those of the Sun - health, well, being and life-force. It was thought to be a message of the Gods since it always appeared in close proximity to the Sun, and because of it's strange orbit it is also sybmolic for speed, trickery and mental ability. Mercury is the 1/2 'octave' expression of Venus (6/2 = 3), but more relative to the affectionate and emotional qualities. This is a love of platonic and idealistic nature rather than a domestic and family love.

Positive tendencies: Intellect, Wit, versatility, adaptability, healing, expression, agility.

Negative tendencies: Sarcasm, trickery, duality, flippancy.

Virgo Zodiac Meaning of name Macdara

Reasoning, logical and exact. Pedantic.

Qualities and Traits: Perfectionists, creative, discriminating.

Practical and efficient at what they do, Virgo's may live for their work. They have a strong sense of duty and responsibility that make them well fitted for management positions, yet they may be severe when judging others. They may need to work on tolerance. They may be unforgiving to themselves if a personal failure occurs and this must be guarded against too. They are quite serious and their lack of humor could lead them to a life of isolation.

Positive tendencies: Practical, logical, efficient.

Negative tendencies: Fussy, worry-wart, overcritical, conservative.

Gemini Zodiac Meaning of name Macdara

Progressive, clever, adaptable.

Qualities and Traits: Mentally alert and curious. Love of trying new things.

Adaptable, versatile and chatty with others. Gemini makes an interesting companion. They are mentally alert and curious - true seekers of knowledge often for the sake of knowledge itself. They may get bored easily as they have a need for constant stimulation. They prefer short journeys and can be impulsive when buying things.

Positive tendencies: Adaptable, quick witted, communicative.

Negative tendencies: Bored easily, changeable and superficial.

Name meaning by letters

M โ€“ It is their character that defines them by their strong will and they are made for creating a comfortable home and will require an steady income. They should take care of themselves and not be restless with those around them.
A โ€“ This people are their own individuals: freethinking and active. Their personalities are they, as well as themself. As a born leader, they need to be in control and have a reason for this. Their strength and bravery are their own, yet they also have adaptability and consider other people's thoughts important.
C โ€“ These people have the capability to understand the spirit of mankind like no other. Their highly cerebral and emotional nature is unique in them. It is easy to communicate their views with ease and they are not afraid to joke out of worst situations.
D โ€“ D brings energys of stability, reliability and determination. It is the result of the use of energies of stability, reliability and determination. The of its influence makes a person a hard worker and a practical thinker.
R โ€“ Gentleness of these peopleโ€™s soul exudes in an unusual way. In the work, they are very good and efficient at work and will bring their energy into everything they do. The harmony in working with others is a must for them.

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