Names For Kids That Start With C

Name: Gender: Category:
Cabdiraxmaan m Eastern African, Somali
Cabdullaahi m Eastern African, Somali
Cabdulqaadir m Eastern African, Somali
Cäcilia f German
Cäcilie f German
Cade m English
Cadell m Welsh (Rare)
Caden m English (Modern)
Cadence f English (Modern)
Caderina f Sardinian
Cadeyrn m Welsh (Rare)
Cadfael m Welsh (Rare)
Cadfan m Old Welsh
Cadi f Welsh
Cadmus m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Cadoc m Old Welsh
Cadogan m Welsh (Rare)
Cadwalader m Welsh (Rare)
Cadwaladr m Welsh
Cadwgan m Welsh (Rare)
Caecilia f Ancient Roman
Caecilius m Ancient Roman
Caedmon m History (Ecclesiastical)
Cáel m Irish Mythology
Caelan b & g English (Rare)
Caelestinus m Late Roman
Caelestis m Late Roman
Cáelfind f Old Irish
Caelia f Ancient Roman
Caelie f English (Rare)
Caelina f Ancient Roman
Caelinus m Ancient Roman
Caelius m Ancient Roman
Caerwyn m Welsh
Caesar m Ancient Roman
Caesarius m Late Roman
Caeso m Ancient Roman
Caesonia f Ancient Roman
Caesonius m Ancient Roman
Caetana f Portuguese
Caetano m Portuguese
Caetlin f English (Rare)
Cafer m Turkish
Çağatay m Turkish
Çağla f Turkish
Çağrı b & g Turkish
Cahal m Irish
Cahaya b & g Indonesian, Malay
Cahir m Irish
Cahya b & g Indonesian
Cahyo b & g Javanese
Cai m Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Cai m Welsh Mythology, Arthurian Romance
Caiaphas m Biblical
Caiden m English (Modern)
Caietanus m Late Roman
Cailean m Scottish Gaelic
Caileigh f English (Rare)
Cailin f English (Rare)
Cailyn f English (Modern)
Cain m Biblical, Biblical Latin
Cainan m Biblical, Biblical Latin
Caíndelbán m Old Irish
Cainneach m Irish (Rare)
Cainnech m Old Irish
Caio m Portuguese, Italian (Rare)
Cairbre m Irish
Cairistìona f Scottish Gaelic
Cairo m English (Modern)
Caishen m Chinese Mythology
Caiside m Medieval Irish
Cáit f Irish
Caitlín f Irish
Caitlin f English, Irish
Caitlyn f English (Modern)
Caitria f Irish (Rare)
Caitríona f Irish
Caitrìona f Scottish Gaelic
Caius m Ancient Roman
Caj m Swedish (Rare)
Caja f Danish (Rare)
Cajetan m History (Ecclesiastical)
Cajsa f Swedish
Cal m English
Calafia f Literature
Calanthe f English (Rare)
Calanthia f English (Rare)
Calbhach m Medieval Irish
Cale m English
Caleb m English, Biblical
Caleigh f English (Modern)
Calfuray f Indigenous American, Mapuche (Hispanicized)
Cali f English (Modern)
Cali m Eastern African, Somali
Caligula m History
Calista f English, Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Rare)
Calisto m Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Rare)
Calixta f Spanish, Portuguese (Rare)
Calixte m French
Calixto m Spanish, Portuguese (Rare)