Irish Names For Kids Meanings 2023

Irish names for kids with meanings and personal traits. On this page published most popular 2023 names for boys and girls.

Popular Irish Names for Kids 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
Macdara b Old Irish, Irish
Madailéin g Irish
Steafán b Irish
Raghnall b Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Fachtna b Old Irish, Irish, Irish Mythology
Éabha g Irish
Páidí b Irish
Pádraigín b & g Irish
Eadbhárd b Irish
Íde g Irish
Odran b Irish
Odhrán b Irish
Pádraic b Irish
Luíseach g Irish (Rare)
Paddy b Irish
Tríona g Irish
Ulick b Irish
Dáithí b Irish
Éanna b Irish
Eavan g Irish

Irish Names for Kids by Gender

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All Irish Names for Kids 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
Ádhamh b Irish
Africa g Irish (Rare)
Aidan b English (Modern), Irish
Aideen g Irish
Aifric g Irish
Aignéis g Irish
Ailbhe b & g Irish, Irish Mythology
Aileen g English, Irish, Scottish
Ailís g Irish
Ailish g Irish
Aindréas b Irish
Aindriú b Irish
Áine g Old Irish, Irish, Irish Mythology
Aingeal g Irish
Aislin g Irish (Rare)
Aisling g Irish
Aislinn g Irish
Aithne g Irish (Rare)
Alannah g English (Modern), Irish
Alaois b Irish (Rare)
Alastar b Irish
Alastríona g Irish
Alby b Irish
Amhlaoibh b Irish (Rare)
Angus b English, Irish, Scottish
Anraí b Irish
Aodh b Irish, Irish Mythology, Scottish Gaelic
Aodhagán b Irish
Aodhán b Irish
Aoibhe g Irish