English Names For Kids Meanings 2022

English names for kids with meanings and personal traits. On this page published most popular 2022 names for boys and girls.

Popular English Names for Kids 2022

Name: Gender: Category:
Aaliyah g Arabic, English (Modern), African American (Modern)
Alexis b & g Spanish, English, French, Ancient Greek, Greek
Adam b Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, English, French, German, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian, Catalan, Serbian, Macedonian, Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Croatian, Romanian
Allyn b & g English
Aaren b & g English (Rare)
Amanda g Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, English, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Late Roman, Latvian
Diana g Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Catalan, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Roman Mythology
Adela g Spanish, English, Polish, Ancient Germanic, Slovak, Romanian
Albert b Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Catalan, Polish, Ancient Germanic, Romanian, Icelandic
Abbey g English
Angela g Dutch, English, German, Italian, Russian, Macedonian, Greek, Slovak, Romanian, Late Roman, Slovene
Wanda g English, French, German, Polish
Adelaide g English, Portuguese, Italian
Alexandra g Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Catalan, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Romanian, Icelandic
Aaron b Finnish, English, French, German, Jewish, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Abbie g English
Abilene g English (Rare)
Addie g English
Adrian b Danish, Norwegian, English, German, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Romanian
Adriana g Dutch, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian

English Names for Kids by Gender

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All English Names for Kids 2022

Name: Gender: Category:
Blossom g English
Blue b & g English (Rare)
Blythe b & g English (Rare)
Bob b Dutch, English
Bobbi g English
Bobbie b & g English
Bobby b English
Bodhi b English (Modern)
Boniface b English (Rare), French
Bonita g English
Bonnie g English
Booker b English
Boone b English
Bowen b English (Modern)
Bowie b English (Modern), Dutch (Modern)
Boyce b English
Boyd b English
Brad b English
Braden b English
Bradford b English
Bradley b English
Brady b English
Braeden b English (Modern)
Braelyn g English (Modern)
Braelynn g English (Modern)
Braiden b English (Modern)
Braidy b & g English (Rare)
Braith b English (Australian, Rare)
Bram b Dutch, English
Brand b English (Rare)