Arabic Names For Kids Meanings 2023

Arabic names for kids with meanings and personal traits. On this page published most popular 2023 names for boys and girls.

Popular Arabic Names for Kids 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
A'isha g Arabic
Hafeez b Arabic
Abdelkader b Arabic (Maghrebi)
Idris b Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Aaliyah g Arabic, English (Modern), African American (Modern)
'Aisha g Arabic
Farah b & g Arabic, Malay
Hafsa g Arabic
Ibrahim b Eastern African, Arabic, Western African, Indonesian, Malay, Bosnian, Dhivehi, Hausa, Albanian, Swahili
Rahim b Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto
Sharif b Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Malay
Zafar b Arabic, Urdu
Abd ar-Rashid b Arabic
Nagib b Arabic
Aamir b Arabic, Urdu
Habib b Arabic, Urdu, Persian
Islam b Arabic, Chechen, Kazakh, Ingush
Abbas b Arabic, Urdu, Persian
Abd al-Malik b Arabic
Abdelhamid b Arabic (Maghrebi)

Arabic Names for Kids by Gender

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All Arabic Names for Kids 2023

Name: Gender: Category:
Nawra g Arabic
Nazih b Arabic
Naziha g Arabic
Nazim b Arabic, Azerbaijani
Nermin b & g Bosnian, Turkish, Arabic (Egyptian)
Nida g Arabic, Urdu, Turkish
Nihal g Arabic, Turkish
Nima b & g Arabic
Nimat b & g Arabic
Nishat b & g Arabic, Bengali
Nizar b Arabic
Noor b & g Arabic, Urdu
Noora g Arabic
Nora g Arabic
Norah g Arabic
Nour b & g Arabic
Noura g Arabic
Noureddine b Arabic (Maghrebi)
Nuh b Arabic, Turkish
Nuha g Arabic
Nur b & g Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, Uyghur
Nur ad-Din b Arabic
Nura g Arabic
Nuri b Arabic, Turkish
Nuruddin b Arabic
Nurul b & g Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Nurullah b Arabic, Turkish
Omar b Arabic, Spanish, English, Malay, Italian
Omran b Arabic
Osama b Arabic